What is Shanti Tribe?

More than just a multiplayer game, it is a social experience with a Java Minecraft server at it's core.

The goal is to provide an audiovisual gathering and creation space for open-minded players inside a persistent co-operative survival world with full support for vanilla gameplay mechanics, with some extra plugins.

The plugins are chosen and configured to expand upon the original  gameplay without interfering with it too much, and any differences to the original game will be explained further down this page.

For communication outside of the game we rely on Discord, as well as for authentication of your account.


We have just 6 basic rules:

  1. Be fair and polite
  2. Keep server performance in mind when making farms
  3. Clean up your trash on the overworld, no 1x1 towers etc.
  4. Use /afk when appropriate
  5. No stealing or griefing
  6. No hacking or cheating

If you have any issues with other players or content found in the game world, post your grievances in the #support-and-report channel.

Additionally, the administration reserves the right to take any in-game action needed to safeguard the peace in the community and protect the security of the server.


We use DiscordSRV to sync Minecraft with our Discord server. When connecting for the first time, you'll receive PIN that you will have to send to Eskegardbot#6857 (aka Cleric Eskebot) to get whitelisted. Without this verification step you can not play on Shanti Tribe.

The in-game chat has 2-way synchronization with the #in-game-chat text channel. Keep in mind that because of this, anything you send in the chat will be stored by Discord servers and is therefore publicly visible!

We encourage you to try out the 🔊Proximity chat voice channel, just enter it after your client has logged you into the world. When you are in this channel, you will be able to hear and talk to other players as if you were actually inside the game world. Talk about immersion!
There are 2 extra voice channels that can be used for a more stable, long distance communication.

When first joining the Discord server, head over to the #campfire and introduce yourself to the other players. You will be sure to receive a warm welcome in return!

Good to Know

Get up on your feet and jump around: Players can double jump and take no fall damage. This little tweak has a big impact on how the world is navigated and can be dangerously addictive! When double jumping and crouching in mid-air, you'll perform a ground stomp. Do this on a bed or slime blocks to bounce yourself up at high velocity. It's possible to request an admin to disable double jump for your account if you like the Vanilla behaviour.


When you first join the world, or when using the command /spawn, you'll be teleported to the New World Spawn, at coordinates 0,0.
As a new player you'll initially have some restrictions and will need to venture away from the center to be able to break and place blocks (more on that in Ranks, but be sure to visit the nearby Info Kiosk for some freebies to help you survive the Wilderness.

At the southern edge of New World Spawn is a train station that connects the nearby inhabited area's. Visit the nostalgia of Old Town where the original world spawn used to be, or go up north and pass by the Ominous Town trading hall for some premium villager trades.

The Nether of Shanti Tribe is a place of danger but also a place of experimentation. Around the spawn area you will find the aftermath of the Incendium datapack, which has been dominating our Nether from Minecraft versions 1.16 to 1.18. This provides some medium rare blocks to mine in bulk. This is the place where you don't have to worry about the aesthetics of your builds or the amount of destruction inflicted on the landscape. Go wild!

The Nether roof is also accessible - there is a direct portal right under the World Spawn platform - from where you can fast travel to various useful locations as well as find some excellent farms. At the central area you can't miss the big Nether Cube, which provides the main passage between the Nether roof and the rest of the Nether.

nether central hub

Beware! When the server is updated with newer versions of the game, sometimes we delete a certain radius to keep new worldgen features within a reasonable distance from Spawn. So when you find a nice spot to call your own, keep in mind the current culling distance is a square with a radius of at least 3000 blocks. Everything inside that radius can safely be considered "will never be reset".

Ranks prevent new players from abusing the server by limiting the minimum distance from spawn (defined as a square radius) where building and claiming land is allowed.

The default rank is Wanderers. This requires newly joined players to venture out into The Wild, which starts at 1400 blocks from spawn and survive there until promoted. You will be notified when entering and exiting rank regions. Wanderers can not claim land and have restricted access to commands. Some basic EssentialsX commands related to chat and navigation will be at your disposal. For example, to send a private message use /w <username> <message> and use /r <message> to reply to the last received message. For a full list of commands avaiable to your current rank, use /help essentials.

The second rank is Adventurers. To achieve this rank, a few requirements have to be met:

  • Returned to the server a couple of times
  • Socialized in the in-game chat or the Discord voice channel
  • Built a starter base in The Wild

When you feel ready, request an admin or a player with a Settlers rank to promote you. From here on up you can build in the Golden Lands of Opportunity and Adventure. The G.L.O.A. is the region between 600 and 1400 blocks from spawn. As an Adventurer you can protect your creations with /claim (see: Claims). You will also discover more accessibility in existing claims which are considered 'community builds'. Some new command superpowers are unlocked at this rank. With /sethome you can choose where you respawn upon death without the need for a bed. You can set your own cool nickname with /nick and even add text effects to it (look here for the effect codes). Additionally, as a fun reward for making it this far, you'll get the ability to use any item in the game as a helmet!

Settler creation 1

The third and highest player rank is Settlers. To be accepted into the ranks of true dedicated Shanti Tribe players, some additional requirements apply:

  • Have aquired some significant play time
  • Feel 'at home' on the server, showing signs of long-term commitment
  • Convince the owner you are trustworthy

Settlers can build and claim land almost anywhere, including the World Center region, which includes a 500-block radius around the world spawn. Exluded are most player claims and some admin claims, unless specifically trusted. Enjoy extra powerful perks like the /home command, instantly teleporting you to your personal respawn point. Another power move is the /back command, returning you to your last location before teleporting. Ask to be teleported to other players with /tpa or invite them to your location with /tpahere. Players of all ranks can accept teleport invitations. Color codes can be used in the chat to spice up your text. Settlers also enjoy some more community resources exclusive to their rank. In exchange for making use of those, they are expected to contribute some builds (shops, artworks, community farms, ...) to the world center so we can make it Really Nice.

As a Settler, please be kind and assist new players in case no admins are online. For example showing them around, teleporting them to safety and eventually promoting them to adventurer using the command /lp user <playername> promote. But remember, with great power comes great responsibility! There are some sneaky individuals out there, ready to bring trouble into a community, so remain vigilant!

The requirements for promotion are listed above, but they are not set in stone. New players who wish to be promoted are expected to use some common decency. Settlers are expected to use some common sense. Players can not demote other players, so the only way is up, but self-demotion can be requested in the #support-and-report channel in case you ever want to start over and go on a more challenging survival adventure!

The well-known plugin MCMMO is used to spice up the gameplay with a range of skills and abilities. No need to learn any commands, although /mcrank and /mctop come in handy if you like to stay competitive. Level up by performing relevant actions and enjoy the perks as they come. For more info about the effects, see the MCMMO wiki at wiki.mcmmo.org (everything is enabled except Acrobatics, because we have no fall damage enabled by default)

Compared to Vanilla, mobs spawn faster and in greater numbers. Mobs also have levels, depending on their distance from the world spawn. Every 500 blocks, the possible maximum level goes up by one, with 10 being the limit. With each level, mobs will get faster and stronger, so be warned when venturing very far into the Wilderness! On the bright side, higher level mobs drop more items and experience orbs, so the risk might just be worth the reward 😀


In case fighting mobs is not your favourite thing: Don't worry, Shanti Tribe has been around for some years and there are many safe areas to explore. If you like to just concentrate on building your masterpiece in a nice spot, there are all kinds of farms where you can /afk to gather materials and trade with some Settlers that stockpile items. (also useful for skipping the night when at least 1 player is in their bed!) If you do encounter your Nemesis, cry for help and one of the warriors among us might just /tpask to the rescue, or go for the nuclear option and /spawn out of there.

Despite all that, dying is still the nr. 1 cause of death. But don't give up! Fight your way back to where you died and find your grave. Right-click it while crouching to get all your stuff back. As a Settler you can also return directly to your grave with the /back command


You are responsible for managing the safety of your own builds, using the claims functionality provided by GriefDefender. Just enter /claim and follow the instructions in chat to get started (restrictions apply, see: Ranks). Resizing a claim can be done with /claimexpand and /claimcontact followed by an <amount> and <direction>. To remove your claim and get your claim blocks back, use /abandon. Alternatively you can create and resize claims without commands by using a golden shovel. To find out if a place has already been claimed and by which player, use a stick on a block.

Per hour of gameplay you receive 80 claim credits (aka claim blocks), so before you can protect larger areas, you will need to save up or collaborate. Use /giveblocks to transfer claim blocks to another player. Claims are '2D', counting blocks in the X and Z axis. Vertical sizes are always from y20 to y255.

To protect public structures or artworks, ask an admin to register it as an administrative claim and allow you and any fellow builders to build inside it. No saved claim credits will be spent for this.

Use /trust or /trustgroup to allow specific players or ranks to interact with blocks, access chests or build inside your claim.
By default, an unmodified claim will allow any player to enter the area, but only the creator of the claim can do actions like pressing buttons, opening doors or accessing chests.


A special feature of Shanti Tribe is its ever-in-the-making custom soundtrack. OpenAudio speakers across the world play custom made music and atmospheric sounds that are exclusive to our server. You won't hear this anywhere else!


Tracks are being added as fast as they can be created, but since producing music takes a lot of time this is a very long term project. If you want music to be made for your scenery, reach out in the #music-masters channel. It's also the place to be if you are a musician or producer and would like to donate some exclusive work to the server.

We recommend you use Optifine or a similar client mod to improve graphics performance, as some areas can be heavy on the GPU and cause framerate drops. Also to use shaders if your machine can handle it. Useful gameplay client mods are also allowed, like a minimap, templates, waypoints, chunkbase etc... X-raying/freecam to find resources is definitely not condoned as it creates unfair competition against players who pride themselves on their hard earned resources and honestly takes much fun out of the game.
To fully enjoy the custom musical experience, you can turn off the default in-game music under 'Music and Sound Options', available from the settings menu.

Notice: We run Purpur with a variable view distance of 8 to 13 chunks depending on server load, and a simulation distance of 9 to 11 chunks.

Every Sunday (CET) you will receive double XP!For Free!
Just like that!
This includes MCMMO experience.

Statues. Take a book-and-quill and sign it with the title: Statues
Open the book and it will allow you to edit the closest armor stand. Dress it up and equip it to add some character to your builds.

Collect mob heads from all mobs in the game! Start a trophy room or use them on the armor stand statues for that final touch.

Sometimes you don't feel like going anywhere and you just want to sit down. Now that's entirely possible with GSit! Simply right-click stairs that look like chairs, or carpets that look like... carpets? You can even sit on another player's shoulders. But keep things civilized ;) If the plugin interferes with building (crouch to bypass) too much, you can disable it with /sit toggle. Additional commands are /sit, /lay, /bellyflop, /spin and /crawl

Anything is possible. If you have any ideas or remarks on any part of the gameplay, voice your thoughts around the #campfire and if there is some traction it might be implemented in future updates.

Sign Me Up

If you read 20% of all the above: congratiulations! You already know all you need to know to get started. Now the only thing that is missing is You the player, the protagonist of your own imaginary adventure! So go on ahead, put on your headset and come say hello.



We will try to keep the server as up-to-date as possible without sacrificing any plugin support, and might add some tweaks or new features in the future while taking care to preserve the mechanics used by active players. Just like Minecraft, the real world deserves a bit of freedom and anarchy.
So we will never add any paid 'premium' features or sell out to mainstream commercial artists. We will never shut down without providing an upload of the world. We will also stick it to the Man and protect your privacy as much as we can. (be aware the ingame chat is synced with out discord server and saved in server logs). That being said, any valid reports of illegal offerings or truly evil behaviour WILL RESULT IN A BAN.